Our Ethos/Principles


Ayurveda is now, but it isn’t new. Yogis started developing it 10,000 years ago. The “science of life.” Of well-being. We know these are the old truths. We uphold that tradition. We’re honored to do so. To be custodians. To bring Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom into a modern, accessible framework. To reconnect us to the curative powers of the natural world.

We are focused on the restoration of balance. We believe in longevity. Our approach is practical, useful, and simple. We are complementary. We are experiential and interactive. We are focused on education, and making that education personal. We are technologically ready. We believe in self-care, home care, and easy daily practices. We are result-oriented.


Plant medicine is more than a single ingredient extracted by a pharmaceutical company. Plant medicine is whole plant medicine, which includes food medicine, such as the zucchini or a humble mung bean. Ayurveda is a lens through which all of earth’s flora can be understood, and corralled to help us. Ayurveda knows that what we eat — or put on our body — makes a meaningful difference to our health and wellbeing.

Therefore, we are rigid to quality. We carefully curate the ingredients of our products from a network of fair-trade, conscious, wild-harvested, and eco-based farmers and miners. We unite those makers with our clients in an expanding community. We never use use toxic ingredients, we never produce with the degrading shortcuts of commercial production. Ayurveda understands the purity of plant medicine, and we serve that knowledge with a rigorous, nononsense devotion to make products and services that are are authentic, reliable and effective.


Yes, we love to heal, but we also know that love generates healing. Therefore, we use love to heal. We practice love, acceptance, and forgiveness. We create a space of love and beauty and openness that allows for healing. We know that healing happens when we come from the heart, so and everything we do comes from the heart.

We demonstrate, we practice, we transform. We mother, we nurture, we listen deeply, and we deeply care. We reconnect clients to the elements of the natural world, we melt away layers of tension, we ground. We witness a blossoming into peace, grace and wellbeing. Surya is sometimes referred to as a cocoon of love. Amen to that.


Ayurveda understands that our feelings, relationships, even our soul’s longings, all affect our health. Ayurveda knows that when we forge a connection to our whole being, we open a doorway to elevated consciousness, and through that, to greater health and happiness.

We support your evolution by supporting your whole being. We provide a space for clients to spontaneously experience higher states of consciousness, and we know that with that experience, people rediscover a marvelous connection to their higher self. Ayurveda deals with the seen and the unseen. We apply that knowledge to produce an alchemical transformation of body to spirit, so that clients can effortlessly experience new freedom and wellbeing.


We’re all on the same journey. The community is real. In it, everyone is welcome, loved, and supported. Our community is accessible, generous, and uplifting. Our community is online and in person. Our community’s offerings are intellectual, experiential and educational: value is derived, and value is shared. Because of this, our community has a natural loyalty.

Our community connects us to each other, and to the natural world. Our community is a place of inspiring creation, external and internal. Our community helps us return to and maintain our best health and wellbeing. Our community reminds us that person to person, one step at a time, we’re just walking each other home…