Ayurveda & Pregnancy

Surya was a supreme blessing after the birth of my second child… The six weeks of visits helped me recover from the birth on a deeply restorative level, and enabled me to take on my new role as mother of two with calm and focus.

Cara Lisco

Surya Mother Baby Program

Ayurveda was born 10,000 years ago, its ancient roots with the Tamil Siddhas of southern India, who developed a system of life-extension, life-enhancement, and a natural approach to nourish body, mind and spirit.  At Surya, we know that the most wonderful application of the restorative and nurturing power of Ayurveda is in the field of fertility, conception, pregnancy, and the first six weeks, when the new mother comes home with her wonderful baby.

The physical and emotional transformation that begins at conception and continues through postpartum is challenging, and yet, one of the most rewarding gifts a woman receives.  During this period of rapid change, Surya’s Mother Baby Program supports new mothers and their partners every step of the way, setting the stage the most valuable experience for new parents, for their growing baby, and for the ongoing health and wellness of the family.

Surya’s Mother Baby Program focuses on natural fertility, maximizing conception, traditional and restorative prenatal treatments, as well as a personalized in-home program beginning immediately when upon return from the hospital, or directly after a home birth.

Natural Fertility & Conscious Conception

Ayurveda seeks to balance, nourish and enrich, and in the case of parenthood, that process traditionally begins from the moment a couple wishes to conceive.  At Surya, each partner participates in a weeklong Panchakarma Series, which helps the body eliminate physical and emotional toxins, and in this case, is especially focused on creating healthy, strong, and balanced eggs and sperm.  

Ayurveda also understands that the journey towards motherhood begins with a proper preparation of the womb.  A mother’s womb is the baby’s first home, and Ayurveda helps bring that home to its most nourished and most nourishing state, creating the optimal conditions for the smoothest pregnancy, and for the healthiest and happiest baby.  Giving the growing baby the best environment, the best beginning, the best of each parent blended and balanced on the level of doshas, sets the baby firmly on the path of health and wellness.

Where infertility is a challenge, Ayurveda provides effective and natural practices and therapies such as diet, herbs, treatments and home routines.  Many couples who have failed at western treatments, such as IVF, find success at Surya with natural, Ayurvedic protocols.

If you are having difficulty getting pregnant or wish to optimize and maximize your pregnancy, a consultation with Martha Soffer sets the best course of action for you and your partner.  Your individual treatment plan guides you towards a successful conception, and, then, through the many changes that follow in the next nine months.

Pregnancy Support & Trimester Treatments

With new life growing inside you, with your body undergoing rapid changes, literally stretching, you need to be nurtured, as well, physically and emotionally.  Surya’s Trimester Treatments, provided by Surya’s certified Ayurvedic Mother Baby Doulas, begin in your second trimester.  They are are wonderfully nourishing, soothing, and stress-releasing, and, the warm, herbalized oils are also designed to prevent or decrease stretch-marks.  These gentle, four-handed full body massages, known as trimester abhyangas, are tuned to your stage of pregnancy, and to your baby’s changing needs.  The abhyanga stimulates circulation, eliminates toxins, supports your lymphatic system and calms your entire nervous system.  They’re deeply nourishing for your growing baby, too, who receives the same important benefits.

Surya’s Pregnancy Support is based on a personal and ongoing relationship with Surya’s Mother Baby Doulas, who provide loving guidance as you prepare your body and mind for labor, and who help you alleviate common pregnancy ailments such as nausea, anxiety and constipation with gentle herbal supplements and dietary suggestions.  Surya’s Doulas know that with a baby growing inside you, you hold a connection, you even are the connection, between the spiritual and the physical realms. They understand that this is a profoundly intimate and beautiful time, and they work with you to honor that, to honor you, and to honor the life that grows inside you.  

Surya’s Trimester Treatments can sometimes be provided in the comfort of your home, although coming to Surya (and perhaps staying for a nice Ayurvedic lunch) is a treat in itself.

The First 6 Weeks: In-Home Mother & Baby Treatments

In Ayurveda, the six weeks following birth are one of the most important times for both mother and baby, formative for the baby, and reformative for the mother.  In fact, Ayurveda considers these six weeks to be the most precious time in a mother’s life.  During this time, the mother’s physiology is as delicate as her newborn’s, and mothers can and should honor this opportunity to reset their body and spirit in a way that leaves them stronger than ever.  This six-week window can set the tone for the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby for years to come.

Surya’s in-home postpartum treatments not only help mothers recovery more quickly from childbirth, but help with faster hormonal rebalancing, with a higher rate of successful lactation, better breast and uterine health, and, quick and natural weight loss.

Through Surya’s daily Ayurvedic treatments, your improved sense of well-being is also passed to your child.  Taking good care of yourself is taking good care of your baby, and a healthy, happy, well-rested and rejuvenated mother is able to provide the best care for her baby.  This is the time to give yourself full permission to be nurtured, so you can best nurture.

Surya’s Mother Baby Doulas also teach parents Ayurvedic practices to nurture and develop their baby, such as the wonderful Ayurvedic Baby Massage, using oils that Surya’s Doulas have prepared just for your baby.  This is not only a rewarding way of establishing deep and lasting communication between parent and child, but research shows that babies who are given Ayurvedic Massage develop stronger immune systems, healthier behavioral patterns, and more rapid motor skills, all of which give newborns the the best foundation for a happier and balanced life. You can read more about Surya Spa’s Ayurvedic Baby Massage in LA YOGA Magazine.

In the six-week postpartum program, Surya’s Doulas help you for up to six days a week in the comfort of your home.  Each visit lasts 2 to 3 hours, and is centered around the deeply soothing and the restorative abhyanga.  Each visit is also a great opportunity, if you wish, to get help with lactation, diet, all baby issues, and any other related support you might need.  Surya’s Doulas help bind your belly, provide herbal remedies, teach you how to prepare nourishing Ayurvedic meals, and if you like, as an option, can themselves prepare a daily Ayurvedic meal for you and your partner.  And on one special visit, after your baby’s umbilical cord has dropped, Surya’s Doulas will teach you and your partner the art of Ayurvedic Baby Massage.

Surya is honored to have the privilege of witnessing and supporting your first weeks of motherhood and to provide you with a safe and healing space, where you are loved, accepted and empowered.  It’s Surya’s joy to help you welcome your baby into that same, loving world.



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