Our Mother Baby Doulas


“My work as an Postpartum AyurDoula is rooted in love. I find deep fulfillment in supporting mothers as they experience the profound challenges and joys that motherhood brings. With each client, I learn lessons on how the Ayurvedic approach can help create balance for the mind, body and spirit. I’m beyond grateful for Surya and the wonderful mothers I have worked with to be able to share my knowledge and resources through the postpartum healing process.”


“After being a part of the Surya team for a few years, I’m so honored to be working as an Ayurdoula, helping new mamas and babies feel cared for during a time of profound change. We often underestimate the challenge of birth and pregnancy, but Ayurveda gives tools and knowledge that help us achieve balance naturally, gracefully and easily. It is a true honor to be able to create an environment of love, connection and tenderness from which new life can flourish. I can’t wait to work with new mamas!”


“I’ve worked with mamas and soon to be mamas for the longest time, yet nothing has touched my soul as much as being an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula. After seeing and understanding what women really go through and what the human body is capable of, I consciously honoured and respected women in a whole new way. 

My interest in wanting to support new mamas and women started after years of trying for a family of my own, during which I experienced some of the darkest and loneliest moments of my life. In American culture, there isn’t much discussion about being a women (from menstruating, to fertility, to the menopause), but the more I’ve opened up about my own personal struggles, the more I’ve realized I am not alone and there is so much we don’t talk about. Especially when it comes to what is known as the fourth trimester or the 6 weeks post birth – the most challenging and most important part of a pregnancy. You have this new beautiful little life to take care of and you aren’t always exactly sure how. Your body has been through an intense trauma (regardless of how the birth went), you are sleep deprived and have hormones racing all over the place. Yes, it’s beautiful and incredible, but that we already know. It’s important to me that during this time of healing and rebalancing, new moms don’t feel alone, but instead, feel support on the deepest level so they can be forgiving and patient with themselves. To see women able to sleep and relax for the first time since giving birth following the mother baby treatments and provide healing and balancing on a cellular level is the icing on the cake.” 


“Upon giving birth, I always remind each mother that she is a vessel that brings life into the world; she not only births a new soul, but she births a mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles…she creates a world within worlds. As an Ayurdoula at Surya, I have the great privilege of offering love and support to a mother during this incredible journey, helping her heal from the outside in. It is an opportunity to nurture the nurturer, for which I am most grateful.”


Prenatal and postpartum care is where my heart lies.  After working in a birth center, I was completely in awe of the miracles of the female body, and I knew it was what I wanted to devote my life to.  I have experienced firsthand the restorative powers of Ayurveda, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to combine my passion for supporting mamas with this beautiful system of healing.  There is no greater honor than playing a small role in the connection between the spiritual and physical realms.  It is my hope that all the mamas we work with feel loved, nurtured, and empowered.