Join the Health Revolution

We’re so excited to announce our Ayurvedic wellness partnership with Fasting Culture, which provides next-gen medical-grade wellness testing from the comfort of your home. These diagnostic urine strips provide immediate, medically-accurate results for 12 FDA-approved bio-markers. Based on your test results, the accompanying app provides dietary and Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations to restore your wellness and health.

One of Ayurveda’s main values is the prevention of disease. Use this at-home test to medically assess your situation before disease manifests, and if you wish, share the results with your health care provider. Follow simple Ayurvedic diet recommendations to correct imbalances, and check your progress regularly to see how far you’ve come. While identical tests in doctors offices are rated at 85% accuracy, this FDA-approved test is 99.999% accurate.

Measurable Diet & Lifestyle Changes

In Ayurveda, and many systems throughout the world, food is medicine.  The wrong choices aggravate imbalances; the right ones lead to balance, health and wellness.

Not everyone has the advantage of an Ayurvedic doctor to help with those choices, but Fasting Culture’s companion app uses the results from your urine test to instantly tailor recipes and ingredients that work to correct the medical imbalances the test has brought to light.

Via algorithms that incorporate the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the app’s FDA-approved results prescribe specific recipes that contain the nutrients you need, in everyday, vital foods. More excitingly, you will not only feel the results of these diet changes, but when you test again, they will be medically verified.

The app also suggests meditations, yoga, and sound baths — all the Ayurvedic avenues that promote optimal health and wellness.

At last, and after extensive research and development, Fasting Culture has produced an inexpensive, FDA-approved, medical-grade biomarker test that ties food and lifestyle to improved health, and is able to verify results at standards higher than your own health care provider would insist on.

Make the Change

It’s so easy. Using the sophisticated camera of your iPhone, you receive results that are 15% more accurate than those from the decades-old urine-analysis machines of your doctor’s office. 60 seconds. In your one home. Only $9.99. This is the democratization of health. This is your own health… in the palm of your hand.

The Science of Ayurveda

Yes, Ayurveda means “The Science Of Life,” so the science of the science of is a lot of science, but with Fasting Culture’s new approach modern science is finally able to verify ancient science. So this really is the science of the science. Completely accessible. Medically valid. Revolutionary.