Surya Spa Events

Aquarius New Moon Ayurvedic Tea Ceremony & Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath

Friday, January 24

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Proper Hotel – Santa Monica – Ballroom

The evening will begin with an intention setting tea ceremony using a custom blend of tea hand crafted by Surya Spa founder Martha Soffer. Following the intention setting ceremony, you’ll lie back and relax to the healing sounds of crystal alchemy bowls in a sound bath and guided meditation led by internationally acclaimed Sound Healer and Reiki Master Susy Markoe Schieffelin.

Surya Dosha Yoga


7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Proper Hotel – Santa Monica – Pool Deck

Join Radha Rosen, co-founder and owner of Santa Monica’s renowned yoga studio, Bhakti Yoga Shala and Surya Spa’s yoga partner, for a Surya Dosha Yoga class. It’s a simple and practical form of Ayurvedic yoga that helps us balance our innate constitutions, our doshas, by calming us, cooling us and energizing us.

All are welcome in her classes, where you can expect individual care, guidance and support, and where you can expect to be uplifted, inspired and invigorated.

*Hotel Guests Only*

This class has limited spaces and starts promptly at designated time.

Leo Full Moon Ayurvedic Tea Ceremony & Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath

Monday, February 10

7 – 8 PM

Proper Hotel – Santa Monica – Ballroom

Harness the power of the Full Moon in Leo, a lunar event that signifies deep transformation and an opportunity to align with your soul’s purpose with a very special intention setting Ayurvedic Tea Ceremony and Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath.

Kundalini Yoga Pop-Up Class


Proper Hotel – Santa Monica – Ballroom

Join Erika Paulson, Surya Spa’s Kundalini Yoga Partner for a Kundalini yoga class – Yoga of Awareness. In this class, we will use the sacred technology to focus on awakening and directing the Kundalini energy, one’s creative potential, so that we can experience ourselves in an expanded way. You’ll be guided into a space of connection and grace.
All levels are welcome.