Ayurvedic Short Treatments

Lakshmi & Roses

Love Therapy

This luxurious cacao & rose therapy begins with a revitalizing four-handed dry brushing, followed by a four-handed Abhyanga massage with rare rose oil, pure cacao, and melted shea and cocoa butter. As the healing properties soak into your body, you are wrapped in an EMF-free infrared cocoon, where you’ll experience a nourishing, restorative scalp and face massage.

In the 2.5 hour option, you’ll also receive a cacao-rose face mask & an extended four-handed rose oil abhyanga. We’ll send you off with a beautiful Surya Bath Soak, as well as a dry brush, to continue your self-care at home.

90 minutes, $375 / 150 minutes $545

Abhyanga + Shirodara

Nourish and Restore

Abhyanga is a rejuvenating four-handed warm herbal oil massage designed to nourish your body, open natural energy channels, and restore a lasting and youthful glow to your skin. This truly luxurious full-body therapy is followed by a Shirodara, a treatment in which herbalized oil infusions are poured in a gentle, flowing stream over your forehead. Deeply relaxing and restorative, this healing treatment dissolves stress, calms the nervous system, and brings warm peace and contentment.

1.5 hours, $375

2.5 hours, $475


Abhyanga + Nasya

Elevated Vitality

After an Abhyanga, the four-handed, warm, herbal oil massage, that nourishes your body, opens natural energy channels, and restores a lasting and youthful glow to your skin, you’ll experience a revitalizing Nasya, an invigorating and clearing therapy that focuses on face, neck and shoulders. Purifying and heavenly at the same time, a Nasya relieves tension with herbalized oils, ancient massage and traditional Ayurvedic wood and bone tools. A cleansing aromatic steam helps open sinuses, clear the mind, and leaves your physiology in a state of enhanced vitality.
1.5 Hours, $375

Abhyanga + Chakra Light Balancing

Lights & Bliss

The rejuvenating and nourishing four-handed herbal oil massage of the Abhyanaga is here followed by traditional Ayurvedic Color Therapy, using the famous light tables of João de Deus from Brazil. Combined with a soothing guided meditation focused on, according to your preference, issues such as your health, karmic situation, relationships, or even your spirituality. A profound and transforming experience.

90 minutes , $375

Deep Vishesh

Revitalize in an Hour

An Ayurvedic “Swedish Massage” where two therapists move in synchrony, working deep into sore muscles with customized, warm and herbalized oil. This vigorous and deeply healing massage increases circulation, helps remove deep-seated toxins, and brings relief to your whole body.

50 minutes, $185

Abhyanga + Udvartana

Radiant Energy

Abhyanga, the rejuvenating, four-handed, warm herbal oil massage, nourishes your body, opens natural energy channels, and restores a lasting and youthful glow to your skin. This is followed by an invigorating full-body Ayurvedic scrub made of nourishing herbs, green coffee and sesame oil. An Udvartana promotes weight loss, increases circulation and charges your system with natural energy.

1.5 hours, $375

Wedding (Pre-Awards) Package

The Glow

Geared for brides and grooms, and everyone at Awards Season, the “glow” is the real deal, and from the inside out. Some of the biggest celebrities in the world come regularly for this.

1-3 Days, 2-3 hours per day, $500/Day

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