About Surya Spa

Experience Ayurveda’s nourishing, detoxifying & rejuvenating cleanse. Return to your best health and well-being.

Surya Spa is an authentic, artisan Ayurvedic Spa offering consultations and traditional treatments, focusing on 3 to 21 day highly-personalized Panchakarma Series. Until we open at the new Santa Monica Proper Hotel later this year, we can be found in LA’s beautiful Brentwood neighborhood, by appointment only.

All treatments at Surya are prepared uniquely for you. Each day of your Panchakarma Series, your treatment oils are herbalized and cooked overnight, using organic and wildcrafted ingredients, to help with your changing situation. Whether you are dealing with a chronic concern, or are just in need of rebalancing, you can expect the results to be profound, transformative and lasting.

Traditionally, seven days of Panchakarma are recommended, as each day gently purifies and restores one of our seven dhatus, or tissue layers. Five and three day series are also valuable, and longer series can be arranged, depending on your health concerns. Single days and some shorter treatments are also possible.

Ayurvedic consultations are advised so that Martha can assess your situation and create a plan for your unique situation. In a consultation, Martha will spend an hour and a half with you, taking your Ayurvedic pulse, starting a conversation and helping you understand what can be done to make things better, both at Surya and with easy changes at home.  If you are traveling, or unable to do a consult, we ask that you start by sending your three main health concerns, so your first day’s oils can be properly prepared.

For out-of-town guests, as well as those looking for an in-town retreat, limited accommodations are available at Surya, as well as our nearby partner hotels: Shutters On The Beach and the centrally-located Fairmont Miramar.

For more information about Surya, please feel free to contact us or call at 310-459-7715.


Stepping inside Surya is like walking into a wonderfully peaceful home. You are enveloped with warmth: in the kitchen, herbs and oils bubble on the stove, crock pots steam with cumin-spiced kitchiri, the inviting smell of almond-flour bread wafts from who knows where, therapists prepare muslin boluses with skilled hands, poultices are stirred in copper pots, powders and flowers are pulled down from the apothecary and whisked away, and you can’t go far without someone offering you some of that almond-flour bread… like a delicious communion. There are so many things to try: ghee, rose-petal jam, rice, dhal and farmer’s market vegetables at the community table. And if you sit there, you’ll always hear someone ask, hair shining with oil, skin glowing, the usual question: “What day are you?”

It doesn’t take long to realize that everyone here is in middle of some magical journey…

In the garden next to a rustic altar, a woman might be meditating. Inside, someone might be on a couch, reading a book on Ayurvedic cooking. Someone else might be having their pulse taken in advance of their treatment. Whatever is happening, the warmth, that palpable love, that feeling of aaahh…that is Surya.

That essence is most concentrated in each treatment room, in the spiritual artwork, natural altars, the stream of incense, the sounds of solfeggio frequencies, or the quiet hum of ancient mantras. If you peek in before a treatment, you might see two therapists moving in a grounding exercise, or, eyes closed, doing an invocation for an upcoming guest. Their aim, so obvious, is to nurture, heal, and support… If you were to peek in the room during a treatment, you’d see those same therapists, hands filled with herbs and and oils, working in synchrony for hours as their guest is truly transported and profoundly transformed.


Our practices are sacrosanct. We love everyone who walks in the door. We understand that everyone deserves well-being. We understand and respect boundaries. We slow down to understand. We practice loving, mindful communication. We respect each client’s vulnerability. We practice compassion and empathy, especially when it’s most needed. We understand clients’ true needs, and put those first. We are gentle and nourishing. We mother. We keep things personal, and where need be, emotionally intimate. We stay positive. We keep things enjoyable. We meet everyone as a friend.

In the rooms, we keep the space meditative, and sacred. We create an environment for spiritual experiences to just happen. We use treatments to create openings and healing and transformation. We approach each treatment with our own open hearts, and our own powerful desire to heal.

All our relationships mirror our philosophy. We love partnerships.  We are generous in spirit. We can pivot within our ethos. We understand that easy, consistent discipline equals consistent results. We never compromise quality.